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Did you have an awesome 2014? For me it was a strange year with the first half being fairly slow but as I passed the midpoint, my efforts were intensified resulting in a very exciting and busy second half.

Many reasons compounded to this effect but it was mainly me getting my "shit together" (in lack of a better synonym) and working harder on my career and personal development. Am I happy with the result? You bet I am since I did more than I did in 2013. Could I have done more? You betcha! That's why as we are already 4 days 2015, I decided to take a closer look to my 2014 and get some documented stats that I plan to use as my baseline for 2015.

2014 by the numbers

If you like numbers, then you’ll love this section:


  • Work contracts: 2
  • Work projects: 8
  • Personal projects: 3
  • Products released: 5

Public engagement/contributions

  • Public speaking/engagements: 6
  • Website views (of my blog): 76,889
  • Views of my most successful post: 21,073
  • Nuget Packages released: 3
  • Downloads of my Nuget Packages: 1123 (combined)
  • Github projects: 12 public + 3 private
  • Github contributions: 7
  • Hosted publications: 1
  • Tweets: 1605

Personal Development/Growth

  • Books read: 14
  • Seminars/training attended: 4

Physical stats/diet/gym

  • Gym attendance: 2.2 per week
  • Weight: 86.5 average for the year
  • BodyFat: 20.2% average for the year
  • Sleep: 6.2hrs per day
  • 16/8 diet protocol: 305 days (Saturday == day off)


These numbers represent are my 2015 baseline and I have committed to try to outperform most of them. No resulutions, just realistic, fact-based commitments.

What about you? Have you made your commitments for 2015? Do you have a baseline to work against? If no, now is the time to set your goals and aspirations because without them you are a ship in the ocean without destination.

I wish you all the best for 2015 and may this year bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

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