ASP.NET Core from the command line

ASP.NET Core (formerly known as ASP.NET 5 or vNext) runs on top of the new DotNet Core and is in love with the command line. Although Visual Studio 2015 is still an excellent IDE and Visual Studio Code an amazing code editor, the new iteration of ASP.NET is equally powerful with the command line. ASP.NET Core 1.0 hit RTM on June 27th, however the tooling around it is still in Preview. Things are still changing, mainly because there's still work to be done around the csproj/project.json migration and dotnet native. How to install …[read more]

Using HttpHandlers to return XML in ASP.NET

Have you ever had the need to server static XML from your website? Sure you did! If the XML is totally static, then it's pretty simple. You just supply the link to the file and you set your web server to serve and cache your XML data. However, things are a bit trickier if your XML is a serialized object that needs to be served at runtime. In ASP.NET there is a way to do this in an efficient way using an HTTPHandler. In this post, I will show you how to create such a handler and how to …[read more]

Create a static page with custom layout in Ghost

I’m currently in the process of upgrading my Ghost blog. I’ve been using the platform for some time now and, apparently, I’m a few versions behind. This was the perfect opportunity to dig my teeth in Ghost, Node.js and Visual Studio Code. A perfect little project with just the right size. Not to big to feel overwhelming but large enough to allow me to learn a bit about the technology stack. I also wanted to see how well Node.js plays with VS Code. Apparently, they were made for each other. As I get more confident …[read more]

Performance issues with multiple includes and large object graphs - Entity Framework

Entity Framework (EF), Microsoft's ORM answer to nHibernate, is an excellent tool. I've used it many times in many projects. It's easy to get started and set up, it's versatile and has good support. Unfortunately, as with every other tool, there are pitfalls. The larger a project gets, the harder it becomes to use EF straight out-of-the-box. As your objects and relationships grow, your queries need to become more intelligent. More refined. There are many ways to mitigate performance issues, BDD, multiple contexts, query optimization, AutoMapper, etc. I could probably do another post or posts just on this subject! And …[read more]

The Phoenix Project - book review

Before leaving on holiday, I compiled my summer holiday reading list. I was prepared. I was ready. My goal was to read as many books as possible while still enjoying the beautiful weather and spending time with the family. I thought it would be challenging to go through the whole list! I didn't, but I got really close. Especially after breaking my thumb, in a terrible incident (not really, I fell of a swing! Wes you read that right), I found myself with a lot of extra time. The painkillers helped with the pain and bruised ego:) The very first …[read more]

Fingerprint identification and its security implications

Today I decided to talk about security, just because it's one of the subjects I really enjoy. I hope you'll find this informative. In recent days, there's a lot of noise on the interwebs about fingerprint security and how it can be easily compromised. Recent examples can be found here, here and here. It all started when Apple made fingerprint authentication a commodity with the introduction of Touch ID on iPhone 5. Subsequently, other phone manufacturers followed and today there are many high-end devices with a fingerprint scanner. Security researchers expect that by 2019 over 50% of smartphones will have …[read more]