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Changing SOAP message data and namespaces with C#

WCF, you got to love it! I don't, but then again I don't get to always chose which technologies I can work with. I've recently come across a very peculiar and annoying problem while working against a particular web service. I was able to hit the endpoints using SOAP UI but all calls from code were failing miserably. The project required importing a third party WSDL in order to generate the appropriate proxy classes etc. The WSDL had to be added as a Service Refernce instead of Web Reference as the exteranl API did not expose a Web Services Metadata …[read more]

An introduction to the Common Logging API for .NET

Most developers know that logging is an invaluable tool especially when trying to troubleshoot issues with code running on production. In .Net, there is a plethora of tools to choose from such as Log4Net, nLog, Elmah etc. Each tool has its pros and cons so the decision on which one to use is usually based around the project requirements, complexity, performance and so on. What the [Common Logging API]( target="_blank) brings to the game is a lightweight “infrastructure” logging platform that allows developers to focus on the logging requirements instead of the …[read more]