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Database deployment automation with DbUp

How do you manage your database deployments? You'll be surprised but this is one subject that seems to be a problem in many places I've worked. It all depends, of course, on how you run your deployments in general. So, what are the usual options? Manual - you copy all the files to your target server(s) manually and you deploy your database scripts by running them separately on each database server. Scripted - you use scripts, like PowerShell, to semi-automate your deployments by taking the steps from the manual process described above and running them in an automated way. …[read more]

NLog with SQL Server and MVC 4

NLog is a great open-source logging tool that allows developers to easily and efficiently implement custom logging. Nlog can be configured to log to a number of targets, but on this tutorial we will be looking at logging to the database. First you need to add NLog to your MVC website. Bring up the Nuget package manager and search for NLog. Add the following packages: NLog NLog Schema for Intellisense NLog configuration NLog for Extended Profile This will add the necessary dlls and config files for use later. Once the installation is complete, you should see the following file at …[read more]