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Resolve NPM Access Denied Errors (Error: EACCES) in WSL

I came this issue (Error: EACCES) while I was trying to install an NPM package on my Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). It has to do with the way Node is installed on WSL so if you try to install NPM packages on the global level. To resolve this, you can remap the location that NPM modules are installed to one that you have full permission. This can easily be done by firing up you Bash window and typing the following: mkdir ~/.npm-new npm config set prefix '~/.npm-new' export PATH=~/.npm-new/bin:$PATH source ~/.profile You can now go …[read more]

Designing my website to use a custom Ghost theme

My new website has been in the making for some time. In fact, it's been over 10 months since I decided to do some changes and add a bit more functionality outside the conventional blog posts. My current website is built with Ghost and it runs on Node.js. A brief history I've started blogging in 2012. It was shortly after the SQLBits conference in London when I accepted a challenge that required some blogging. The challenge was simple: read 1 book per month and then blog about it. Committing to write a blog post is a great incentive to …[read more]