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Resolving RDLC error: “The report definition is not valid” in Visual Studio 2012

I recently inherited a large number of Microsoft RDLC reports where I had to fix a number of issues before the upcoming release. One of my first tasks was to write a quick “RDLC runner” console application to allow me to test the reports locally. You can download the RDLC Runner from NuGet here. Or run the following command on the NuGet Command window in Visual Studio: The RDLC Runner is a very simple .NET 4.5 project. It takes two XML input files (parameters and data), the path to the .rdlc file and the name of the output file. …[read more]

Deleting a project from Hosted TFS

I added a project to the wrong TFS collection! Now what? Removed all the bindings from my solution but the TFS service now points to an orphaned entry. Unfortunately, up to this day, the TFS team have not been kind enough to supply us with a GUI tool that can delete a project from the repository and clear all references to it. Google to the rescue. After spending several minutes looking around, the answer to this issue became apparent. The documentation is incorrect. So these are the steps required in order to delete a project from TFS. Remove all bindings …[read more]

XML Validation Failure Due To Invincible White Space

After spending 3 hours of my life trying to resolve the following error message: The element cannot contain white space. Content model is empty I decided to share my solution in hope that this will help somebody else. The xml file that was failing validation is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <ComponentSet Default="Create Data Set"> <Procedures> <Procedure Name="Create Data Set"> <MainFlow> <CreateDataSetVersion Name="run create data set version task" Description="this the description" CollectionId= …[read more]