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XAML formatting using Visual Studio 2013

If you, like me, are obsessive about the appearence of your xaml code and spent time to line up properties just the right way, you will be delighted to know that Visual Studio has a number of formatting tricks up its sleave to help you with this task. One of these features is the ability to break a long XAML Element declaration into multiple lines with each element property automatically placed on a new line. To enable this, you have to do the following: In Visual Studio, go to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> XAML …[read more]

TFS Continuous Integration for Windows 8.1 Store Apps with SDK dependencies

I am in the process of developing a Windows Store App which has a dependency on SQLite. Today, I decided to implement continuous integration (CI) using my hosted TFS service. If you are serious about CI but don’t want to host your own CI Server and go through the pain of setting up the CI provider (TeamCity, TFS, CruiseControl etc), I highly recommend you looking at the official hosted Team Foundation Service here. Although adding the custom build is very straightforward, I stumbled upon a few issues. The first problem was the fact that the project had a reference …[read more]

Deleting a project from Hosted TFS

I added a project to the wrong TFS collection! Now what? Removed all the bindings from my solution but the TFS service now points to an orphaned entry. Unfortunately, up to this day, the TFS team have not been kind enough to supply us with a GUI tool that can delete a project from the repository and clear all references to it. Google to the rescue. After spending several minutes looking around, the answer to this issue became apparent. The documentation is incorrect. So these are the steps required in order to delete a project from TFS. Remove all bindings …[read more]