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Code comments - taking a closer look

Should I use comments in my code? This is probably one of the most debated subjects in software development it's been going for a while. There are developers that insist on commenting everything under the sun and then some. You've seen code like this before, where there is a sea of green (if you're working in Visual Studio) and sometimes the comments may even outnumber the actual code. On the other hand, you have that prefer to leave the code totally undocumented. No green insight, anywhere! But no way to decipher the code either. So what is the best practice …[read more]

XAML formatting using Visual Studio 2013

If you, like me, are obsessive about the appearence of your xaml code and spent time to line up properties just the right way, you will be delighted to know that Visual Studio has a number of formatting tricks up its sleave to help you with this task. One of these features is the ability to break a long XAML Element declaration into multiple lines with each element property automatically placed on a new line. To enable this, you have to do the following: In Visual Studio, go to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> XAML …[read more]