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On software complexity

Ok, I'm probably just thick. Or, after writing code for so many years, I'm still not good at it. Or am I? Today's post is the result of esoteric thinking. Thoughts that go through your mind when faced with really complex code or, in other words: "what the hell does this thing even do" questions. Complex code should not be confused with complex business logic and complicated workflows. There are a lot of smart developers out there. A lot smarter than me. You may be one of them. How you write you code says a lot about you and your …[read more]

On programming tools, extensions and IDEs

If you’re involved in software development in any capacity, chances are you have your favourite toolset. If you are a .NET developer, you’re most likely using Visual Studio [Community or Pro/Ultimate]. If you are in Java-land then you get pick between IntelliJ and Eclipse. And if you’re an iOS and OSx developer, you have xCode (bless you). Web developers are more flexible because they don’t have to compile any code. However, they still have options when it comes to editors: Sublime, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++ etc. And then, there are the exotic tools such …[read more]

Visual Studio 2015 tips and tricks - Visug talk, Belgium

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at Visug, the .NET User Group in Belgium. Attendance was good (about 35-40 people) though it could have been better should the road access hadn't been impacted by massive traffic delays. Nonetheless, the show must go on and we did the talk as planned. For those that missed the talk, I've recorded the whole (I think I did since the camera battery died at some point) session and I will be posting a link to it shortly. A lot of people asked me whether they could get access to the …[read more]

Code comments - taking a closer look

Should I use comments in my code? This is probably one of the most debated subjects in software development it's been going for a while. There are developers that insist on commenting everything under the sun and then some. You've seen code like this before, where there is a sea of green (if you're working in Visual Studio) and sometimes the comments may even outnumber the actual code. On the other hand, you have that prefer to leave the code totally undocumented. No green insight, anywhere! But no way to decipher the code either. So what is the best practice …[read more]

Extend the Common.Logging API with Log4Net

In an earlier post I described how the Common.Logging API can help us abstract logging in our application by hiding the implementation details and allowing us to use different logging providers (NLog, Log4Net etc) in a modular, plug-n-play way. In this post, we will examine how to combine Common.Logging with Log4Net in order to output log messages to a file. 1. Install the right NuGet packages in the right order Before beginning, I will assume that all your assemblies already implement the Common.Logging API. If not, then go through my post to see how to add logging …[read more]