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Creating .NET fakes using Bogus

I work with many Proof Of Concepts (PoCs) these days and one of the things I find in need frequently is the ability to generate large collections of objects that may resemble what our customers expect. For obvious reasons, I can't grab a copy of a customer's database or access their Azure resources. So I need an efficient, reliable and fast way to generate fake but live-like data that I can use to test my code. Over the years I've used many different tools to do this but lately, I've grown extremely fond of Bogus by Brian Chavez. I find …[read more]

Azure LogicApps tooling in Visual Studio 2015

Azure Logic App Service or simply Logic Apps are a great integration and workflow orchestrator. Think of IFTTT for the enterprise (and for non-enterprise projects of course). Logic Apps, like Azure Functions, offer a great set of tools which are built-in on the Azure portal. These tools allow you to create, run and monitor your integration workflow using a variety of connectors, conditions and actions. When creating Logic Apps in the portal you have the option to switch between the designer and the code editor with ease. However, a web browser is not the best medium for development and collaboration. …[read more]

OzCode - my favourite Visual Studio tool

If you've never seen OzCode in action, then brace yourselves for the most awesome tool in Visual Studio. Yes, even more awesome than Resharper and everything else you have to throw at me. What is OzCode? OzCode is a debugging tool that you install as an extension and it can totally transform the way you debug and work with your code within Visual Studio. It overtakes from the built-in debugger to give you so many more features to simplify your work and allow you to focus on what really matters, fixing the problem. As developers, we spend most of our …[read more]

On programming tools, extensions and IDEs

If you’re involved in software development in any capacity, chances are you have your favourite toolset. If you are a .NET developer, you’re most likely using Visual Studio [Community or Pro/Ultimate]. If you are in Java-land then you get pick between IntelliJ and Eclipse. And if you’re an iOS and OSx developer, you have xCode (bless you). Web developers are more flexible because they don’t have to compile any code. However, they still have options when it comes to editors: Sublime, Atom, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++ etc. And then, there are the exotic tools such …[read more]

Export your stored passwords from Chrome

Today, another massive security breach made the news. This time, it was about the breach of 000webhost a free hosting provider. Troy Hunt did a good write up about the incident, including his investigation and the event timeline, in this blog post. The compromise involves over 13 million accounts which were acquired during a recent hack. I've never used their service and my account is not in there. If you have, I would highly recommend you change your passwords. I would also recommend that you register on Troy's Have I been Pwned site so that you can get automatic alerts …[read more]