Visual Studio Code: getting insider builds

I use lots of IDEs (VS, Code, Sublime, Atom) when it comes to doing development work. As they say, you should always choose the right tools for the job. Visual Studio Code is one of these tools for me. It's even replace my Notepad++ for simple text editing tasks.

Since I choose to live my life on the edge (subject to personal interpretation), I also want to run the latest beta released. VS Code, as with many other Microsoft tools these days, offers an insiders fast track that allows you to get the latest code before it goes to the stable stream. This allows you to test the latest features and give the Code team an early insight into bugs and performance issues.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to join us, the insiders, then you can follow the instructions below to tell Code to use the fast fun stream:


  1. Close Code if it is still running.
  2. Open a command prompt.
  3. Type cd %APPDATA%\code
  4. Type notepad storage.json
  5. Replace "updateChannel": "stable" with "updateChannel": "insiders"
  6. Save the file via Ctrl+S and exit Notepad. 
  7. Code will now auto-update to the latest beta when it's released

Mac OS x

  1.  Close Code if it is still running.
  2. Start the Terminal app.
  3. Type cd ~/Library/"Application Support"/Code
  4. Type nano storage.json
  5. Replace "updateChannel": "stable" with "updateChannel": "insiders"
  6. Save the file and exit via Ctrl-X.
  7. Code will now auto-update once the update is released (targeted for early next week).

Linux (no support for auto-update)

  1. Download Code from this location Linux 64, Linux 32.
  2. Open the Zip and run Code.
  3. Code will require a manual update each time we release.

The [@Code](" target="_blank) team regularly posts updates and information on upcoming releases, so if you want to join the Insiders group you can sign up here:

Which editor are you using and why? Let me know in the comments below.

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