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OzCode - my favourite Visual Studio tool

If you've never seen [OzCode](" target="_blank) in action, then brace yourselves for the most awesome tool in Visual Studio. Yes, even more awesome than Resharper and everything else you have to throw at me. What is OzCode? OzCode is a debugging tool that you install as an extension and it can totally transform the way you debug and work with your code within Visual Studio. It overtakes from the built-in debugger to give you so many more features to simplify your work and allow you to focus on what really matters, fixing the …[read more]

Testing locally with Fiddler

Fiddler is awesome when it comes debugging HTTP on your local machine. It can intercept HTTP requests and responses and has a very powerful IDE that adds a lot of extra advanced features that can help you monitor and troubleshoot your HTTP calls. However, one thing that is tricky with Fiddler is the fact that for Fiddler to intercept any calls made to a locally running/installed API, you need to use a custom URL => http://ipv4.fiddler/<yourAPIEndpoint> If you have unit tests or you're trying to debug your code, you have to constantly change your …[read more]