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Application logging to Azure using SeriLog

I'm in the process of creating a cloud-based application that needs to scale well and I'm thinking about error management and logging. There will be a follow up post about the application itself, but for now I want to focus on the logging bit. In my quest to find the right tool, I remembered reading about Serilog some time ago. I've been meaning to try Serilog but I had to find the right project/opportunity. And now I finally got it! The thing I like about Serilog is that it’s extremely easy to set up especially with its fluent …[read more]

SignalR cross domain with CORS

I've recently had to create a demo for a SignalR project I'm working on. SignalR is awesome when it comes to enabling real-time communications for your application. The amazing thing about SignalR, apart from how easy it is to use, is that it works across many different application types and platforms. You can use it on website, desktop apps and even mobile apps (both native and Xamarin). If you want to know more, have a look at the official website However, as with everything else, sometimes things don't work as you would expect them. SignalR is incredibly easy to setup …[read more]

Using a dynamic DataReader with ADO.NET

I've recently had to do some data parsing, pulling data from a CSV file, performing some validation and then dumping a series of SQL commands for our data population scripts. I know there are a myriad ways to do this but I wanted to do this as quickly and easy as possible. The process is quite simple: Open the file using a StreamReader Use the awesome CsvReader Map csv data to object ids from database Output SQL statements and error log To make things fast, I load all the necessary data collections from the database at the beginning of the …[read more]

Generate Guids with PowerShell or ScriptCs

There are many ways to generate GUIDs. You can use one of the many free websites or you can write your own (quick) script to do it. If you want to create your own script, there are 3 easy approaches: PowerShell ScriptCs Uuidgen.exe The first two are very powerful and versatile and can do a lot more than just generating GUIDs. The 3rd one is a dedicated utility for generating GUIDs only. PowerShell PowerShell is first as it's the easiest of the 2. Easiest to get started, that is. PowerShell is already installed on your Windows machine. Just bring …[read more]

Getting Started with RabbitMQ on Windows

RabbitMQ is a great queuing tool that can run on a variety of platforms. If you are planning on doing any distributed, asynchronous processing and you need a system to queue and process items in the background, then you should seriously consider RabbitMQ. The online documentation is great and there are plenty of tutorials that can take you through the basics of creating and consuming queues in your application. However, before you start typing any code, you first you need to get RabbitMQ up and running somewhere (local system, server etc). In this post, we will go through the installation …[read more]