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.NETConf 2018 - From developers for developers

.NETConf, the virtual Microsoft conference on all this .NET, cloud and mobile is back for another year and it's only a couple of weeks away! This year, the conference is scheduled to run for 3 days but the last day comes with a twist. We plan on having local developers and MVPs from around the world broadcasting live for 24hrs. This is a totally new format and will even feature some non-English talks! We have an excellent line-up of speakers covering everything .NET from local desktop development to Azure Serverless. The goal of the conference is to showcase new features, …[read more]

Unable to login to Azure Mobile Apps - API Service (formerly know as Azure Mobile Service)

TL;DR Jump to the end of the post for the quick solution I'm currently working on a new mobile application which has a lot of integration with Azure Mobile Apps service which is part of the Apps service offering on Microsoft's cloud platform. I have been creating a few API endpoints that will be used by the application to store user data and it's been great fun writing all the code and unit tests around it. Azure Mobile Apps use ASP.NET WebAPI at the core with a few nice wrappers to make the integration as simple as possible. …[read more]