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Add search to your Ghost blog with lunr.js and GhostHunter

I have been using the Ghost platform as my main blog engine for over a year now. There have been ups and downs and in general I have enjoyed the features that it offers. However, like many people found along the way, there are features missing, some of them quite important (see 'search'). I admit that Ghost is still a platform in progress and new features are being added with every release, but it seems that in their effort to provide a simple blog engine, they oversimplified things. Up until now I have been using Tapir to provide search results …[read more]

Add search to your Ghost blog with Tapir

If you have decided to use Ghost as your blog engine, you may soon realize that it's missing one vital thing and that Searching. Since I tend to use my blog as a knoweldge base and a repository of things that took effort to implement, I want to be able to search my content at any time with ease. Although I believe that the Ghost developers are actively working on integrating Search in the blog engine, there are only a couple of solutions at the moment to help you implement search yourself. One is Google Search and the other is …[read more]