Install and run the Azure CLI on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSFL)

I've blogged before about the tremendous work that the Windows team has done to bring a truly integrated Linux subsystem on Windows 10. That's right, you can use the native Linux (user and kernel modes) inside Windows without the need of a VM, Container or any other emulator. This has opened up so many possibilities and brings a very powerful tool to Windows. Using native Bash is a dream come true for many people and even me, whose use of it is limited to 0.05% of its true capabilities!!! Do I care? No. Do I use Bash? Whenever and …[read more]

Invoke Azure LogicApp over HTTPS with HTTP triggers

Ah LogicApps, the IFTT of Azure, the very young and lightweight "cousin" of Microsoft BizTalk. LogicApps is a great integration and workflow service that works great not only with Azure services but also with many SaaS products and 3rd party services. Think of LogicApps as a tool that you attach connectors to communicate with various components (sFTP, blob storage, email, Twitter etc) and grab data that you can manipulate or pass directly to another service. What I described here is IFTT but for enterprises with scalability, performance and flexibility in mind. One of the cool things that you get with …[read more]

List all RBAC permissions for all resources in Azure

I wanted to figure out how to obtain a list of all Resource Based Access ControlRBAC permissions for all the resources in one of my Azure subscription. This is a great way for Azure administrators to run reports that can quickly identify any issues with wrongly assigned permissions. To do this quickly and efficiently while automating the whole process I'll use PowerShell. The PoSH script is fairly straightforward and only requires a few steps: Login to Azure Select the right subscription (optional, if more than one) Retrieve all resources Iterate through each one and retrieve the RBAC permissions The script …[read more]

2016 in review

2016, what a year! I know that for many, including celebrities, it hasn’t been the best of years. We lost quite a few along the way. However, I'll try to put a positive spin as I look back through 2016. I like to do this because it sets the tone for 2017, the year to come. So, this is my retrospective on 2016, a year that has been incredible for me, from many perspectives. I've included both my failures and successes as I hold myself accountable to my promises. 2016 promises and resolutions My primary goal was to intensify …[read more]

Create .gitignore and other hidden files on Windows

If you ever needed to create a hidden file (.)filename on Windows then you'll have noticed that it's not particularly intuitive or easy to do. By default, Windows Explorer does not allow you do this in the GUI. Why? No idea! Solution 1 One easy and fast way to create files with a prepending (.) in the name (e.g .gitignore) is to open the Command Prompt and navigate to the directory you need to create your file. Alternatively, if you're already on the desired directory in the Explorer, you can Alt+RighClick and use Open Command Prompt from the context …[read more]

Working with the Azure DocumentDB REST API Authorization headers

DocumentDB is Azure's NoSQL offering that provides an exception service when it comes to working with non relational data. I've recently had a request to work on a project that uses DocumentDB but relies solely on the REST API to interact with the service. This is absolutely fine, since every service on Azure is built on top of a corresponding REST Api. Even the SDKs seem to be thin wrappers around the REST Api hiding away all the "ugliness" and complexity. Why did I say ugliness and complexity? Because if you ever had to work with the Azure REST API …[read more]