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My summer holiday reading list

In two days, I'm off on holiday to the beautiful island of Zante, Greece. With 2 weeks of relaxation ahead of me, I wanted to make the best of it and read as much as possible. With 2 young kids this is a bigger challenge than it sounds, but I plan on using my time wisely. In addition, since I do a lot of technical reading throughout the year, want to go for something more lightweight and easy to read. Thus, I decided to avoid technical-heavy books. Amazon is great at suggesting books, but this time I chose to turn …[read more]

Book Review: Soft Skills - The software developer's life manual

John Somnez is one of these people that as soon as you get in contact with, you instantly get inspired. I consider myself very fortunate to have come across John. He's a very energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring developer who, at the age of 33, managed to retire from the daily rat-race and turn his energy into something more constructive by contributing back to the community. I first heard of John during a .NetRocks podcast. It was during that same podcast that I also won a competition run by John to promote his excellent marketing course "How to market yourself …[read more]