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Using environment variables for application configuration settings

Configuration settings is always a thorny subject. That's because different developers have different preferences on how to do this. In the .NET world, you have the app.config and web.config depending on the project type. Then you can also use [ConfigR](GHOST_URL/introduction-to-configr-the-solution-to-all-your-application-configuration-problems/" target="_blank) or even static XML/JSON files. Another option is to store these settings in the database. There's is no right or wrong answer and you should use whatever works best. However, I recently started working with a new team, where things are not as straightforward when it comes to configuration settings. …[read more]

My developer rig and why I use a MacBook Pro as a .NET developer

If you are like me, then you spend most of your day in front of your laptop/desktop and a couple of screens. So it makes sense that you use the best tools available to make your life and work easier. This was my goal when I decided to set up my home dev rig to ensure that I enjoy it as much as I can. So, what is my current setup and what tools do I use to make development as easy and enjoyable as possible? I will start with the hardware and then move on to software. 1. …[read more]