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Using HTTPS with Azure Functions in local development

It's usually the small things that make a big difference. As I was updating my Function Core tools today (the Functions CLI) I was pleasantly surprised to notice some new functionality which was added to the tooling. The Functions team has added the capability to enforce/use HTTPS when developing and debugging in the local development using the Functions Core tools. If you're new to Azure Functions and never used the Core tools, then you may be surprised to find that we now have 2 versions of the tools. I know, but stay with me because they currently server different …[read more]

The all new GlasgowMobile User Group

Glasgow has a vibrant community of developers who like to get together and discuss about technology. For a city of its size, I would say that the technology sector is pretty big and there are lots of different user groups that one can join and find like-minded people to share ideas, have a friendly chat, make some friends and, maybe, learn something new. In the past we had excellent speakers visiting our city, such as Scott Gu and Scott Hanselman and lots others that I haven't had the fortune to meet in person. I would like to see more of …[read more]

My developer rig and why I use a MacBook Pro as a .NET developer

If you are like me, then you spend most of your day in front of your laptop/desktop and a couple of screens. So it makes sense that you use the best tools available to make your life and work easier. This was my goal when I decided to set up my home dev rig to ensure that I enjoy it as much as I can. So, what is my current setup and what tools do I use to make development as easy and enjoyable as possible? I will start with the hardware and then move on to software. 1. …[read more]

Fixing virtual disk errors in VMware

As a developer, I tend to use VMs extensively to test new features and deploy software that I wouldn’t like running on my main machine. VMware is brilliant in that it offers a free tool to create and run VMs - VMware Player. As handy and great VMs are, they are also quite volatile and tend to break or get corrupt easily. If your host machine restarts unexpectedly or if the VM is not shut down properly etc. you  may then experience issues the next time you try to restart. Below I have described how to resolve 3 of …[read more]