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Learn how to harness the power of Azure Virtual Machine Extensions

Do you use Microsoft Azure? Do you have an Azure account? Did you know that you can get one for free here? If you are already an Azure account and you are using the Virtual Machine (VM) services, then I you are at the right place, because in this post I will show you how to take your VMs to the next level with help of VM Extensions. VM Extensions are relatively new to Azure. They were announce at the //Build2014 conference and since then there has been a steady growth. Extensions rely on Puppet and Chef. Puppet is a …[read more]

Azure - Error deleting VHD: There is currently a lease on the blob and no lease ID was specified in the request.

Working with Azure the last couple of days, I came across an issue where I deleted a VM but I was unable to delete the associated vhd blob. The error received was similar to this: There is currently a lease on the blob and no lease ID was specified in the request While this error is expected if a VHD is still registered as a disk or image in the portal, the problem arises where a lease remains even if the blob is not registered as a disk or image in the azure portal. If you receive one of these …[read more]

Fixing virtual disk errors in VMware

As a developer, I tend to use VMs extensively to test new features and deploy software that I wouldn’t like running on my main machine. VMware is brilliant in that it offers a free tool to create and run VMs - VMware Player. As handy and great VMs are, they are also quite volatile and tend to break or get corrupt easily. If your host machine restarts unexpectedly or if the VM is not shut down properly etc. you  may then experience issues the next time you try to restart. Below I have described how to resolve 3 of …[read more]

Configuring multiple websites in IIS on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine using EndPoints

Windows Azure is a great environment for developers and companies alike due to the fact that it gives so much for so little. Apart from the 10 free websites, you get a free* Virtual Machine and a large number of other services like storage, SQL Server etc. I’m currently using the VM option to deploy and test a number of client websites without the need to use the client’s servers. Instead, I use the VM as my staging-demo environment and once all the testing is complete and the client is happy, I then deploy to the live environment. …[read more]