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Disabling NuGet Package Restore

Yes, this is counterproductive and a step backwards, but if you are working in an environment where your build/CI server doesn't allow NuGet Package restore then you will need to disable it. This may sound straightforward and something that should be easily supported by NuGet, but I'm afraid you are out of luck. To disable NuGet package restores, you will need to perform some manual changes to your .csproj files To fully remove package restore just follow the steps below: 1. Close down the solution Before performing any project file changes, you will need to close down the solution …[read more]

Generic Repository with Entity Framework

My first NuGet package and OSS project is live :) What an exciting day! Lots of new releases announced in the last couple of days so why not add to the funfair and release my own OSS? This is a piece of code that I had to develop for a client and it took some effort. During the development of this library I tried to make as generic and modular as possible, which made it quite easy when I decided to share it with the community. The project is now live and there is a public repo on GitHub in hope …[read more]

Resolving “HttpContextWrapper is not serializable” errors after upgrading Glimpse.

If you are doing any ASP.NET development and not using Glimpse you are seriously missing out. It helps is so many ways to troubleshoot and improve performance that I cannot believe how I’ve done any web development without in the past. I’m really grateful for the work that it has been done by the developers. However, today I decided to update all the NuGet packages I thought they were safe and as you would have guessed it, the update broke my MVC4 website. A simple MVC website will probably not come across this issue, but I have …[read more]