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Getting started with testing in .NET Core

.NET Core has been in production (RTM) since June 2016, when it was officially released at the Red Had Summit by Scott Hanselman. What a glorious moment! Announcing an open source framework at a conference for Linux! Who would have thought that this would be possible some years ago? .NET Core 3.1 is the current (LTS) version but I'm also really looking forward to .NET 5, the one that unifies all .NET frameworks and becomes the next best version of .NET. You can download .NET 5 and take it for a spin today! Unit testing your apps is an …[read more]

Using NCrunch to enhance your tests in Visual Studio

I have recently come across nCrunch during a code demo. nCrunch is an automated, concurrent testing tool for Visual Studio and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with this ‘little’ piece of software. nCrunch is an 3rd party tool that allows you to continuously run tests as you write them. Actually, the tests are run every time you change any part of your code that is being monitored by nCrunch and may have an impact on your tests. The tool is responsible for building and running tests as it sees fit. Installation was easy and painless. As …[read more]