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Introduction to Azure Functions Deployment Slots

Deployment slots have been an invaluable feature for Azure Web Apps for a long time. To find out how to create slots for Azure Web Apps, you can visit the official documentation [here](" target="_blank). So what makes deployment slots so useful? I summarize some of the benefits below but this is by no means the exhaustive list: [Testing in Production - A/B Testing](GHOST_URL/azure-websites-testing-in-production/" target="_blank) Hot deployments that allow deployment to production with no downtime UAT testing targeting a near live environment Easy …[read more]

Getting started with testing in .NET Core

.NET Core has been in production (RTM) since June 2016, when it was officially released at the Red Had Summit by Scott Hanselman. What a glorious moment! Announcing an open source framework at a conference for Linux! Who would have thought that this would be possible some years ago? .NET Core 3.1 is the current (LTS) version but I'm also really looking forward to .NET 5, the one that unifies all .NET frameworks and becomes the next best version of .NET. You can download .NET 5 and take it for a spin today! Unit testing your apps is an …[read more]

TDD - The larger issues

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a programming methodology that has seen a great deal of success but has also caused an equally great deal of friction in the development community. In [a previous article](GHOST_URL/common-mistakes-in-tdd/" target="_blank), I described the common mistakes that developers tend to do when practising TDD. Today, I will be talking about the set of wider problems surrounding TDD. This post is written at the back of the infamous ["Is TDD dead"](" target="_blank) discussion series between David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH), Martin Fawler …[read more]

Common mistakes in TDD

The post below is an excerpt from the talk I recently delivered at [SwanseaCon](" target="_blank) (Wales). This is part 1 of a series of TDD posts I'm planning on writing. The main focus of the series is to highlight common issues in Test Driven Development (TDD) and analyse the bigger problems surrounding the use of TDD. First I'll give a brief definition of TDD and then mention some of the biggest benefits of using TDD in your development process. Finally, I'll try to highlight some of the usual pitfalls developers tend make. A …[read more]

Azure Web Apps - Testing in production

I use Azure Web Apps (formerly Websites) a lot. I run a few production sites, I run test sites and proof of concept projects. The whole process of publishing to Azure has become so easy and so FREE, that I have all but eliminated all other options. You can manage your sites from the portal(GUI), FTP, PowerShell, Visual Studio, Command Line, you name it. Everything can be scripted and everything can be automated so what's not to love about the platform? One important aspect of working with clients on new products or new features is testing. Testing in QA …[read more]