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PowerShell for the Gui People or FTGP

Yes seriously, that's the title of this post. And I'll explain why. Many of us use PowerShell (PoSH) for automation. If you are working on Windows and you don't use PoSH for automating and scripting basic tasks then you're missing out big. PoSH, which started as one of the first Open Source projects in Microsoft, is deeply ingrained into Windows. Both on the server and the client. It's a beautiful and powerful scripting language that allows you to not only manage you Windows OS but services such as BizTalk, SQL Server, IIS etc. The list is big. Microsoft Azure also …[read more]

The new Azure Powershell Resource Manager - 1.0 Preview

The new Azure PowerShell preview module is out. I use PowerShell on Azure to automate many tasks and it's something that we use in the team quite frequently. Yes, you can use the Azure Portal (website) to accomplish the same tasks but I like using PowerShell for a few reasons: Create repeatable and consistent tasks Share the files and knowledge that comes with it Automate all the things! This preview release is the first major version taking it to 1.0. Unfortunately, it brings some breaking changes with it. For this reason, it's imperative that you read the documentation before …[read more]

Generate Guids with PowerShell or ScriptCs

There are many ways to generate GUIDs. You can use one of the many free websites or you can write your own (quick) script to do it. If you want to create your own script, there are 3 easy approaches: PowerShell ScriptCs Uuidgen.exe The first two are very powerful and versatile and can do a lot more than just generating GUIDs. The 3rd one is a dedicated utility for generating GUIDs only. PowerShell PowerShell is first as it's the easiest of the 2. Easiest to get started, that is. PowerShell is already installed on your Windows machine. Just bring …[read more]

Execute SQL Query with PowerShell

Scripting is very powerful. And for me, one of the best scripting languages is PowerShell (PoSH). Yes, PoSH takes a bit of getting used to, but once you pass the initial learning curve, you end up with a powerful tool in your hands. One thing that I love about PoSH is a little secret that not many people know: PowerShell allows you to import .NET namespaces and libraries and, in effect, you can write C# code to solve any problem you may have. The PowerShell's libraries, cmd-lets are very comprehensive but you can always come against something not "natively" available. …[read more]

Using PowerShell to resolve Host names to IP address

Today's post is to be a quick one, more like a useful DevOps tip. Today, I was given a list of hosts that I had to resolve to IP addresses in order to add them to a config file. Obviously there are a few ways to do this, but I wanted to automate it because you never know when someone will request something similar. Powershell to the rescue then. The script is pretty simple and I bet that it can be condenced even more, but I like my code and scripts as readable as possible. It is handy to remember …[read more]